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  • How long do I have to be away from the house for?
    • Interior treatments you will need to be away from the house for 1-4 hours after the treatment. • Exterior treatments you can stay at home, just close all the doors and windows.
  • How safe are the treatments?
    • All treatments are professionally applied and are based on synthetic pyrethroids (which are based on natural pyrethrums). The products I use have been proven safe in sensitive areas are all registered and approved by ERMA – Environmental Risk Management Authority of New Zealand.
  • How do I pay?
    I accept cash or send an invoice to your email. If paying the whole invoice is a struggle, then I offer flexible payments over 4 weeks.
  • How Long Does It Take for Pest Control to Work?
    In most cases, you can expect to see a significant and noticeable reduction in pest activity within one to two days. The exact timeframe depends on the pest I'm dealing with along with the choice of materials necessary to provide the best long-term results. In some cases, you will see a slight increase in pest activity right after our initial treatment. This is a good sign! This means the pesticides are working. I have disrupted their normal breeding and feeding habits and are looking for a new place to live – the only difference now is that pesticide is all over them. They are not going to last long. Give it a week or two to die down.
  • Is Pest Control Safe for Kids and Pets?
    Bug Doctor's priority is the safety and happiness of our customers, as well as being as environmentally friendly as possible. All my materials are EPA approved and biodegradable. The products I use are the same products that are used on sensitive areas, such as schools and hospitals. I take pride in providing pet-friendly and kid-friendly pest solutions to my clients. Full Environmental Policy here.
  • What Types of Treatments Are Used?
    Treatment is a general term use to simply describe the many methods and options available to a licensed pest controller. Options include gels, pastes, baits, granules, dusts, mist sprays or water based liquid sprays. The type of application used is determined by the type of pest, infestation severity and the access to the problem area. In some situations, more than one type of treatment may be required.
  • Do I have to sign a contract for pest control services in my home or business?
    No. Bug Doctor does not require a customer to sign binding contracts. You may cancel our services at any time for any reason. If you would like the stations collected, then a travel fee will apply.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of a Pest Problem?
    This will vary greatly depending on the type of pest and the level of infestation. Most pest control companies will give you a set price for a pest treatment, but at Bug Doctor I understand that times are hard and will advise what treatment is best. If you can’t afford what I recommend, there are cheaper options available that will help sort some of the issue for you.
  • Is There Any Odour When You Spray for Pests?
    Most treatments are odourless.
  • What areas do you service?
    I operate in the Wellington area, but service all the way up to Taupo, Te Kuiti, Turangi, Taumarunui, Taihape, Palmerston North, Whanganui, Wairarapa, Kapiti, Hutt Valley and all areas in between. If you are outside of these areas, I may still be able to help.
  • Why is spraying every 6 months critical?
    Maintain Pest-Free Surroundings: Re-spray treatments will reinforce the barrier against pests, preventing any potential re-infestations. Keeping up with regular treatments helps ensure a comfortable and safe environment for you, your family, and your customers. Extend the Life of Previous Treatments: Over time, the effectiveness of pest control treatments may diminish due to environmental factors and the natural lifecycle of pests. Re-spraying will provide an additional layer of protection, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of our previous services. Proactive Prevention: Regular re-spraying helps identify and address any emerging pest issues before they become more significant problems.
  • What is a multi-treatment?
    A multi-treatment is for example. 1: An interior spray with an exterior spray. 2: A rodent, possum, wasp, spray, rabbit or bird job. Receive 15% off the higher priced job. (Up to $100)
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