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New Zealand native wasp

$220 + Travel


A gold exterior spray.


$120 - Wasp nest + Travel


Additional nests half price per nest.


$30 - Wasp nest removal (If assessable).


$40 Wasp dome + Travel - Great if you don't know where the nest is.

Save 15% with our multi treatment discount. (See FAQ)

Wasp hive in corner of ceiling
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Why get rid of WASPS?

Sting Risk: Wasps are known for their ability to sting, and their stings can be painful and cause allergic reactions in some individuals. For people who are allergic to wasp venom, a sting can lead to death or severe allergic reactions that require immediate medical attention. Removing wasps from your property reduces the risk of painful stings and potential health complications.

Safety Concerns: Having a wasp nest near high-traffic areas poses a safety hazard, especially for children, elderly, or people with mobility issues. Agitated wasps may become defensive and sting when they feel threatened. Removing wasp nests from areas such as doorways, walkways, or play areas enhances safety and reduces the risk of accidental stings.

Protection of Property: Wasps can build their nests in various locations, including eaves, attics, or wall voids. If left unchecked, their nesting activities can lead to damage to your property. For example, wasps can chew through wood or insulation materials, leading to structural deterioration or compromised insulation.

Peace of Mind: Wasp infestations can create anxiety and discomfort for individuals who fear or are allergic to wasp stings. Removing wasps from your property provides peace of mind, allowing you and your family to enjoy outdoor spaces without the constant worry of encountering aggressive wasps.


It is important to approach a wasp nest with caution, and to use a trained pest controller who has the expertise and proper protective gear to eliminate wasp nests safely and effectively.

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wasps on native leaves

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