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$40 + Travel - Per bait station on loan.

$80 + Travel - Removal of deceased Rabbit if call out is lodged during business hours.

Save 15% with our multi treatment discount. (See FAQ)

Rabbit damage in Mew Zealand
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Why get rid of RABBITS?


Crop and Garden Damage: Rabbits are known to be voracious eaters and can cause significant damage to crops, vegetable gardens, and ornamental plants. They feed on a wide variety of vegetation, including young seedlings, tender shoots, and the bark of trees. Their feeding habits can result in crop failure, reduced yield, and destruction of landscaping.


Landscape and Property Damage: Rabbits tend to dig burrows and create tunnels, which can damage lawns, gardens and create a tripping hazard. Their burrowing activities can undermine the stability of structures, such as fences, retaining walls, and foundations.


Competition with Native Wildlife: In some regions, rabbits can outcompete native wildlife for resources, including food and habitat. This can disrupt ecological balance, negatively impacting the survival and breeding success of native species.


Disease Transmission: Rabbits can carry and transmit diseases, including tularaemia, myxomatosis, and rabbit haemorrhagic disease, which can pose risks to other animals, including pets and livestock. Some of these diseases can have severe consequences and can spread rapidly through rabbit populations.


Environmental Impact: Overgrazing by rabbits can lead to soil erosion and degradation, affecting the health and fertility of the land. They can also contribute to changes in vegetation composition and disrupt native plant communities.


Public Safety: If rabbits become accustomed to human presence and are fed by humans, they may lose their natural fear and become more aggressive or territorial, potentially posing risks to people, especially children.


Pest Control Maintenance: If left unchecked, rabbit populations can grow rapidly, making it challenging to manage the infestation effectively. Removing rabbits promptly helps prevent their numbers from increasing and reduces the need for extensive and ongoing pest control measures.

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