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Why get rid of BIRDS

Health and Sanitation: Birds can carry diseases and parasites, such as salmonella and ticks, which can pose a health risk to humans. Their droppings can also create unsanitary conditions in public spaces, leading to the spread of disease.


Property Damage: Birds can cause damage to buildings and structures by nesting in eaves, rooftops, and other areas. Their droppings are acidic and can corrode surfaces, including vehicles, statues, and infrastructure.


Noise and Nuisance: Birds can be noisy, especially in large numbers. Their cooing and flapping of wings can disrupt peace and quiet in residential and commercial areas.


Aesthetic and Quality of Life: Birds can create an unsightly mess with their droppings, which can reduce the aesthetic appeal of public spaces. This can affect the overall quality of life for residents and visitors.

Birds, particularly sparrows, pigeons, and seagulls, can cause financial damage to retail stores.


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