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 Interior and Exterior Residual Treatment Spray 


 Before Treatment:

  • Put all exposed food away.  

  • Clear all bench tops and sinks.

  • Put away toothbrushes, shavers and any other grooming or beauty products.

  • Cover children's toys.

  • Empty kitchen cupboards (German cockroach treatment only).

  • Vacuum areas to be treated and throw out vacuum bags.  

  • Remove pet bowls.  

  • Cover fish tanks, fishponds and turn off pumps.  

  • Cover beds with sheets.  

  • Vacate premises and remove pets while treatment is being done (1-4 hours for indoor treatments).










 After Treatment:

  • Wipe down all bench tops and sinks.  

  • Don’t vacuum treated areas for 3-4 weeks for best results (For Fleas & Bed Bugs).  

  • Open windows and doors to ventilate air.  

  • Wash sheets that were covering the bedding.

  • There may be some residue on the glass.
    Just wipe this off after the treatment but avoid wiping the wood/metal areas of the windowsills.

  • Advise everyone with access to the house/workplace that a pest control treatment was carried out. (Safety data sheets are available if needed).

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