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  • Valid Gold or Student card will receive 10% off.


  • Multi treatment discount receives 15% off.
    (See FAQ page)


  • Refer a friend and receive 20% off.
    (Up to $100)

  • With another company?  We should be able to beat them on price.

Pest control prices


Travel - Town $20, Outskirts $30, Rural $40 (10km+ from town)


Pricing excludes GST.

Prices are based off a 3-bedroom home.
(3 bedrooms,1 bathroom,1 kitchen,1 

Additional charges for garage, sleep out, deck, patio, office & extra rooms.


Travel Per Job:

 CBD $25, Suburbs $35, Rural $40 +



$130 - Wasp nest

Additional nests half price per nest.


$30 - Wasp nest removal (If accessible).


$40 - Wasp dome & lure on loan.

This is great for trapping wasps when you cannot locate the nest.

Product does not attract Bees!

wasp pest control icon
rodents - rabbits



$50 - 1-6 bait stations/snap trap on loan. 

$70 - 7-13 bait stations/snap trap on loan.

$90 - 14-20 bait stations/snap trap on loan.

$115 - 21-30 bait stations/snap trap on loan.


$10 - Per bait station/snap trap on loan.


$75 - One-off inspection report outlining proofing and housekeeping recommendations.

All rodent jobs receive a free inspection report.

mouse pest control icon


$70 - Possum snap trap on loan.

$60 - Removal of deceased possum, if call out is lodged during business hours.

Possum pest control icon


$40 - Rabbit bait station on loan.

$60 - Removal of deceased rabbit if call out is lodged during business hours.

Rabbit pest control icon

After hours call out fee 7pm-7am


$99 - If we are within 1 hour of the job.

$149 - If we are within 1-2 hours of the job.

$199 - If we are within 2-3 hours of the job.

The job can be anything from taking a deceased animal away, clearing a snap trap or killing a spider etc.

Bug Soctor After hours icon
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